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If you’re looking for a practitioner that cares about you and your overall health, Nicole Anderson is the perfect doctor for that. I started seeing Nicole when I was having chronic back and neck pain & it was my first experience with acupuncture. From that initial appointment, Nicole was invested in me and my overall health and has a true passion for what she does. As we continued treatment I quickly saw how Nicole was not only relieving my physical pain but she had a profound effect on my mental health as well, which I was not anticipating. She makes her patients feel extremely comfortable in her care, whether you’re an acupuncture pro or a newbie. I can not recommend Nicole enough to anyone who is considering acupuncture.

Carley - Art Teacher

I have been a patient of Dr. Nicole Anderson for about six years. Nicole is intelligent, thorough, resourceful, extremely competent, and highly intuitive. She radiates a presence and an almost sixth sense which feels invaluable in her ability to assess a patient’s needs. Nicole is also precise, and an avid researcher, willing to pursue both Eastern and Western medical literature for healing solutions. I strongly recommend Dr. Nicole Anderson as among the best of Acupuncture practitioners.

Ron - Retired Landscape Designer, Writer

I went to Nicole on the recommendation of my original acupuncturist who moved out of state. Right from the very first appointment I felt comfortable with Nicole. She is a very good acupuncturist with a very gentle touch. I had been feeling very fatigued/tired for about 10 years. My doctors said I was fine and couldn’t find anything wrong. Nicole found an infection I didn’t know I had and treated it with holistic medicine/supplements. I now have much more energy and do not feel fatigued/tired because the infection is gone. I feel less foggy and much brighter now. Nicole has helped me tremendously.

Carolyn - Retired

Nicole has been a lifesaver for me. When I first began seeing her, I was suffering from brain fog, anxiety and hot flashes as a result of having to take Tamoxifen. I felt the impact of her skills immediately after my first visit. And her treatment continues to be effective, keeping me in balance and mitigating the ongoing side effects with regular visits. I went from hating being in my skin, to feeling normal and healthy again. I can't say enough about Nicole, she's amazing at what she does and I highly recommend her.


Rachelle - Graphic Design Director

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